May 10, 2010

Free Historical Newspapers on Footnote

Footnote is currently offering their Historical Newspaper collection free until May 31, 2010. You can access their newspaper database here. You will need to registrar for at least a free account to view the images. I signed up for the free account last month; all you need is an email address.

I played around with it this morning and my only gripe is that your search term is not highlighted on the newspaper image. This can cause you to go cross eyed searching the whole page for your piece of information. I suggest using quotes around your search term if you are looking for a name so you do not get a ton of irrelevant results. For example if I search for the name Orth without quotes I get every newspaper that has the word North!

I did not have any luck finding any of ancestors in their papers but I only searched a handful of names this morning. I plan on going back to it before the free trial expires. Happy Hunting!

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