Dec 13, 2010

She Was Right Under My Nose

As I have mentioned previously the driving force in my genealogy research, as well as my biggest brick wall is my great grandfather Eugene Ellsworth Lammay.  He just disappeared  after about 1920.  So one of my strategies has been to locate the obituaries and places of burial of his siblings in hopes of finding some mention of him in later years.  I had located the burial place of all his siblings except two sisters.  I knew both Ida and June lived in the city of Pittsburgh, and that specifically June lived in the Millvale area and was married to a Clarence Davis.  It was on my list to start checking cemeteries around Millvale for June and Clarence.

I talked about joining Find A Grave in my previous post.  I was in the process of entering my ancestors from Mount Royal Cemetery on to Find A Grave.  As I was entering the data for Joseph R. Lammay, a brother of my great grandfather's,  I pulled out a map I have had for probably 20 years of the cemetery to find the section number for him.  The office had enlarged the section Joseph is buried in and wrote the names of the surrounding graves so we could easily find him.  I had not looked at the map since we originally found Joseph's grave because I had his location burned in my memory.  My parents are in Mount Royal so I visit a few times a year and always go to Joseph's grave.

I was dumbfounded to see the name DAVIS written by the office as a grave just about two plots away from Joseph.  I tried not to get too excited because Davis is a common name.  I made a trip to the cemetery and lo and behold there was June and Clarence Davis, neighbors to Joseph!
I now have her date of death which hopefully lead to an obituary for her.  I am still shaking my head thinking of all the times I visited Joseph's grave and walked right past his sister June's grave!

Here is the lesson I learned.  It can be beneficial to go back over old data from time to time.  When I originally received that map the name Davis did not mean anything to me.  It was not until years later that I found all the names of my grandfather's siblings in the obituaries of his mother and father.  As you gather new information over time keep reviewing older records, notes, etc.  You never know what piece of data may now connect with your research.  I am still searching for the other missing sister, Ida Anderson, but I have certainly been reviewing old notes just in case.  Happy Hunting!

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