Apr 7, 2011

Return Trip to Calvary Cemetery

I was quite surprised this past Saturday when my husband said out of the blue "let's go back to Calvary Cemetery".  We had made a previous trip to Calvary Cemetery with his family which you can read about in my previous post Family Outing At a Cemetery.

Now this is unusual for my husband.  He has gone with me to cemeteries but usually he is rolling his eyes and not happy about it.  He somehow thinks cemeteries are "dangerous" places with serial killers hiding behind every tombstone just waiting for me.  Now I agree it is good to use common sense when it comes to personal safety at cemeteries especially if you are not familiar with the area, but his vision of the dangers are a bit extreme.

What makes Calvary Cemetery different for him is the fact it is HIS family buried there.  He never had much interest in his own genealogy but I guess after 30 years I am rubbing off on him!  Since I never pass up an opportunity to spend a day wandering through a cemetery off we went.

 We had three goals.  First to revisit my husband's relatives graves so he could spend some more time just visiting (it was raining hard on our first visit); try to determine if the Dougherty grave stone was a separate plot, and lastly to see if there were more Dougherty stones close by to his relatives.   We had an enjoyable (nice sunny day) and successful trip.

We spent some time at the Mumford and Dougherty graves.  Of course it was an ordeal trying to make my hubby understand who was buried there and how they were related to him.  Now maybe it is from all my years of doing genealogy but after about an hour of working on a family I get all the people and relationships straight in my head.  After the third time explaining the relationships to him I tried a different approach.  Instead of using terms like great aunt, great grandmother, etc.  I just attached labels to people.  Aunt Jane that you remember, Jane who died in childbirth, sister of Jane who died in childbirth, and mother of Jane who died in childbirth.  In fairness to my husband the fact that there are three generations of Janes (who went back and forth using Jane / Jennie as names) does make it confusing!

On our first trip we determined there were 13 people in the Mumford plot including Doughertys which was his great grandmother's maiden name.  There is a Dougherty stone right next to the Mumford plot and it was unclear to me if it was placed on the Mumford plot or a separate plot altogether.  Unfortunately there are no individual names on it.  The office staff were not able to tell me how many makers were on the Mumford plot.  They did check the plot next to Mumford, but said it was O'Donnell, not Dougherty.  But I just had this nagging feeling that Dougherty stone was a separate plot.  This visit as I knelt down on the ground and pulled some grass away from the edges I discovered the stone not only has the section letter but the plot number too!  It is definitely a separate plot, which is actually behind, not beside the Mumford plot.  So I will need to contact the cemetery for a list of people buried there.

We spent the remainder of the visit wandering around looking at the many interesting and beautiful tombstones.  We did find more Dougherty stones, lots of them!  I am starting to think that Dougherty is the "Smith" of Irish names.  We found these stones just a few rows behind my husband's relatives.

 I do not recognize the names so more research is required to see if they "belong to us".

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