Jul 22, 2011

Remember to Back Up Your Genealogy Data!!

Backing up the files on your computer--we all know this is important.  But it is so easy to get lazy and put off the task.  Especially for me with my dinosaur of a laptop because it is time consuming.  In the last few weeks I kept telling myself--back up all your files--as each time I booted my laptop it moaned and groaned and would periodically just shut off.  Then it happened.  It will not boot, seems to be stuck in some sort of weird loop trying to boot.  My back ups are at least a month or more old.  I am so mad at myself for not keeping my back ups current.  So now I am in limbo with my genealogy data.  I am waiting to save up some money so hopefully I can fix my computer or at least recover my files.

Worst case I can install my genealogy program on my daughter's computer and use the last backup I created.  But it will be difficult to know just where I left off with entering data so it will be a time consuming task.  So just a heads up to everyone to remember to back up so this does not happen to you!

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