Oct 11, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Orth Sisters

These two little girls in Allegheny Cemetery in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh were sisters.  Their parents were Martin & Kate Weaver Orth.  They were nieces of my great, great grandfather Andrew Orth.  The inscriptions read:
Eliza Sophia Orth
March 22, 1888 to March 13, 1892
Gone To A Better Land

Ida Torrens Orth
Aug 27, 1884 to March 5, 1892
Gone To Be An Angel

Since I cannot locate death records for them we can only guess they died of a contagious disease such as typhoid fever or diphtheria.  I cannot imagine the pain of losing two children within a week.  I surmise the impact of their deaths is shown by the fact they have rather large tombstones.  The Orth's in general were a working class poor family.  Even my Andrew Orth, who was a police lieutenant does not have a tombstone.  There are numerous other family members in this plot--none have a marker.  It is the only large marker in the whole Orth family.

When we visited the cemetery and found these graves, Eliza's marker had tipped over and fallen off the base.  My husband, bless his heart, lifted it back up into place.  He is still paying for that one with shoulder pain!  I think the sadness of the deaths of these two little girls motivated him.  Rest in Peace Angels.

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