Apr 24, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday-Lily May

I came across this small flat stone while wandering through Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh a while back.   Graves of children always fill me with emotion.  I swear I can feel the sadness of the parents as I stand at the grave no matter how old the grave.  This little girl appears to be buried by herself, no other Sugden makers are nearby.  Of course there might be other family with no markers or other last names but I think this commonly occurred in the past.  A child died young and only a single plot could be afforded or families moved to other locations in later years.  It seems sad for this little girl to be by herself.  But at least she has a marker.  The majority of the children in my ancestors' families have no markers.  Many times cemeteries did not even record the names of young children.  I have come across this several times where they can give me the list of adults in a cemetery plot but can only tell me there are also X number of children buried in the plot, no names or dates.  I find that sad. 

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