May 8, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday-Sophia Orth Upperman

Sophia Orth Upperman was my great, great aunt.  She has always been one of those ancestors who just "stick with you" for lack of a better term.  I do not know a lot about her but her family experienced much sadness due to illness and early deaths which is why her story just sticks with me.

I have been fortunate to locate many obituaries and death records for her family and it is a sad story indeed.  

1871:  One year old daughter Clara died from pneumonia.
1874:  Lost an infant daughter to premature birth.
1892:  Sophia died at age 55 of meningitis.
1899:  Conrad, Sophia's husband died in his early 50's of heart disease.
1903:  Daughter Anna died at age 36 leaving two young children under the age of three.
1913:  Son William died at age 37

The only child to live into old age was her daughter Ida May who died in 1935.  In William's obituary it states that his sister Ida is the last surviving member of the family.  Ida May also lost two children at young ages.  Rather ironically Ida May's husband lived to be 98 years old.

Sophia, Conrad, and all her children are buried in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh PA.

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