Aug 21, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday Beloved Sisters A Special Memorial

This tombstone is special because the above Mumford sisters were my husband's great aunts.  He was especially close to Aunt Rose because she lived with his family for awhile after her sister Jane died.  I remember her also and she was a special lady.  She was feisty and great fun.  When my husband would be watching TV she would sneak in the room and throw rolled up tube socks at him.  She was also a bit spooky--she had a knack for reading tea leaves.

He remembers Aunt Jane somewhat but Aunt Beatrice and Helen died long before he was born.  Helen was the only of these four (along with my husband's grandmother Mary who is buried elsewhere) who married.  She died after just 2 years of marriage, we do not know what became of her husband.

These ladies rested in an unmarked grave until last week.  My husband and his sister always wanted to place a tombstone on their graves and finally saved up the money to do so.  We went last Sunday to see the newly installed marker and it is very pretty.  It has a pinkish hue, perfect for the four ladies.   We hope they would be happy with our choice.  I got such a peaceful feeling at the cemetery on Sunday, think that was a sign that yes, they are pleased.


  1. How wonderful that you honored your husband's great-aunts by placing a tombstone on their graves!

    After a recent trip to a cemetery and finding the grave marker of my 2nd great-grandmother, I'd like to replace it. It's only a stone with her name on it. Some day I'd like to replace it with a more fitting grave marker.

    By the way, welcome to GeneaBloggers!


  2. Thank you so much for the comment and the Welcome! It definitely is a nice feeling to finally have their resting place marked.