Oct 16, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Daisy Lammay Linn

This tombstone is in Mount Royal Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA.  Daisy Lammay Linn was my grandmother's cousin.  Every trip to Mount Royal I would visit Daisy's parents who are buried next to her.  I never knew Daisy was here because her tombstone faces "backward".  Oddly I never walked around to the back of the stones near my Lammay relatives.  It appears the stone may have fallen down at some point and was set back up--just facing the opposite way.  I most certainly check the back of all tombstones now!

Daisy was just 24 years old when she died and left a small child.  Her husband and daughter lived with Daisy's parents--I assume they helped raise her daughter.  Tomorrow will be the 94th anniversary of her death.

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