Nov 27, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Joseph Lammay

Joseph Lammay was my great, great grandfather.  I discovered his place of burial, Prospect Cemetery in Brackenridge, PA, many years ago.  I finally was able to visit his grave this past Fall.  He was a rather interesting person.  He is the father of my biggest brick wall Eugene Lammay.  While I have had a hard time finding information on Eugene, I know quite a bit about his father Joseph.

He was born in Chester County, PA.  His first wife was Mary Ann Putnam with who he had about 7 or 8 children.  He served in the Civil War.  At the end of the war he took off with my great, great grandmother Anna McKim Chalfant Lammay and moved to Huntington County PA abandoning Mary Ann and their children.  By 1870 he and Anna were living in Brackenridge Allegheny County PA and eventually had 7 children.  I believe they originally went to Huntington County because Anna's father lived there.  But what motivated them to come to Allehgeny County is still a mystery to me.  He died in 1912 at the age of 82.

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