Nov 1, 2012

Trip To Prospect Cemetery To Visit Lizzy

A few weeks ago I finally got to go to Prospect Cemetery.  I had been there once many years ago and located most of the ancestors I was looking to find.  But since that trip I learned my grandmother's sister, Lizzy, was also buried there.

I had been searching for Lizzy since I started genealogy which is a long time ago.  She was born in 1886 and died at the age of 10 in January of 1897.  She was not on any records because she was born and died in between census years (with the 1890 census being destroyed).  There are no birth or death records during that time period for where she lived.  All I had was my grandmother's memories.  She did not remember Lizzy because my grandmother was just a baby when she died.  But she remembered stories of her sister that died at age 10 of pneumonia.  I really had no way to confirm if Lizzy really had existed.

Then one day on a random search of Find a Grave there she was thanks to a Find A Grave member who has documented most of Prospect Cemetery.  When I called the cemetery to find the exact location of her grave I was rather disheartened.  Lizzy was buried in the "Public Graves" section.  She had no stone and because it was the Public Graves section they could not even tell me the exact location of her grave.  It made me sad to think of little Lizzy lost and forgotten with no marker and I could not even visit her exact place of burial.

We visited the cemetery on a beautiful Fall day.  I went to the graves of my other ancestors there.  I was again rather saddened by how the tombstones of two sets of great, great grandparents had deteriorated in the 20 + years since I had last visited.  I remember being able to clearly read the inscriptions during my first visit.  Now they are almost totally unreadable and one of the stones is broken.

We then located the Public Graves section.  My spirits were definitely lifted.  There were only a handful of markers in this section (mostly children and some hand made ones) but it was such a pretty area.  It runs along a line of trees which were beautiful.  The ground was covered with such pretty colors of fall leaves. 
Public Graves Section at Prospect Cemetery

I sat on the ground for awhile and got such a peaceful feeling.  It is a very pretty and peaceful place to be buried.  The cemetery was able to give me her exact birth and death date which I did not have, as well as location of death in Millvale.  Which gave me some clues to my elusive Lammay's.  I never new they lived in Millvale at one time. 

Even though her grave is not marked Lizzy is definitely remembered.  I am so glad I visited and hope maybe Lizzy knows there is still someone who thinks about her.

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