Feb 2, 2013

Unexpected Cemetery Discovery

A while ago my husband and I paid a visit to Calvary Cemetery in Pittsburgh to visit the graves of his family.  We know the location of the Mumford graves but always get lost going from those graves to the graves of his grandparents.  So we stopped in the office to pick up a map.  The man working there was very nice and asked us the names on the graves so he could mark it on the map for us.

As we were leaving he said the name Mumford was not that common and asked if we knew there was another Mumford grave in a completely different section.  This caught us by surprise since we knew of no other family buried in this cemetery.  He marked this "new" grave on the map for us.

Armed with the map and list of new possible ancestors we headed to the graves.  Fortunately there were markers on the "new" graves.

I suspected Mary Mumford might be my husbands great, great "step' grandmother which was a fantastic find since I had not been able to generate any information on her previously.  Ondoff was a totally new name to us.  Later in the day we paid my mother-in-law a visit and asked about the name Ondoff.  To our surprise she recognized it and gave us the first names on the above tombstones without.  Margaret Ondoff is a half sister to my husband's great grandfather.  I was then able to trace them in the census.

A big thank you to the man in the cemetery office!  We never would have found these ancestors without them. 

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