Jun 16, 2013

Family Photo Stories: Three In A Tub

I love old photographs.  They do not even have to be of my family.  I just love looking at a moment in time from the past.  I enjoy using my genealogy data to figure out the story behind the photo.  In some of my photos I have been able to identify the people and places.  On occasion I have been lucky and found evidence for interesting stories behind the photos.  See this previous blog post for an example.  But most of the time I have to just use my imagination and can only guess about  the story behind the picture.  I wish I lived in the magical world of Harry Potter, where pictures come to life and the people talk to you.  Then I would not have to guess!

Three Kids in a Tub
This photo is from the late 1920's most likely taken in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, PA.  The Children from left to right are:  my mother Marie Orth, her brother Ray Orth, and her cousin Dolly Schupp.  The names are written on the back of the photo fortunately.  I would have recognized my mother but not the other two.

My assumption is it was a hot summer day and they let the kids play in a tub of water to cool off.  Not sure if those are bathing suits--or just their underwear.  They seem to be enjoying themselves but my mother does look a little apprehensive.  Not sure what those interesting wooden barrels are for in the background.  Is it outside their home?  Possibly in an alley near their home (lots of alleys in Lawrenceville).  I can pinpoint the location to Selma Street.  I know from old Pittsburgh directories that my mother's family lived on Selma Street with my great grandmother.  Her cousin Dolly's family lived with them also.  Whatever the location it gives me a window to a moment in time on a summer day in my mother's childhood.

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