Jun 25, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday Wood Family Sense of Humor

This unique tombstone is in Chartiers Cemetery in Carnegie, PA.  I was there a few months ago to take some pictures of my husbands ancestors for a distant cousin I connected with on Find a Grave.  While walking through the older part of the cemetery I discovered this marker.  The top is shaped like a wooden log.  It struck me the "Wood" family had a bit of a sense of humor.  The names on the stone are:

William M. Wood
Dec 26, 1846 to March 8, 1896

Julia B. Wood
May 4, 1856 to March 26, 1900

1 comment:

  1. That is really awesome they did that, and that it still looks really good! I wish I had a last name other than Thomas so I could do something like this. I guess even a first name would be fun. Maybe I can just have something I like as my tombstone.