Aug 20, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday-Mausoleum With A Basement!

This grand mausoleum at Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh is one of the most unique I have ever come across.  It is large with ornate details but what makes it stand out -- it has a basement!  I have never seen a mausoleum with underground crypts.  You can look into the small "windows" at ground level and see the underground burial area.  Looking through the glass on the main door the steps that lead down to the basement are also visible.

This mausoleum was built in 1862 for the Moorhead family of Pittsburgh.  James Kennedy Moorhead was a wealthy and prominent business man and most likely the family member who commissioned this structure according to the Allegheny Cemetery website.  He died in 1884.
James Kennedy Moorhead  1806 - 1884
The mausoleum was one of the earliest built in Allegheny Cemetery and sits on its own little hill.  It originally was surrounded by an iron fence which is now long gone.  It has sadly deteriorated over the years.  Bars have been installed on the windows and heavy chains are now are the doors to prevent vandalism which is so sad.  But it is still rather majestic and just unique (and a bit spooky) with the underground burial area.

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