Oct 3, 2013

Government Shut Down-Messing With My Genealogy Research

I will admit it--I had not paid much attention to the whole Government Shut Down fiasco.  I am fortunate that it has not affected my family financially or otherwise.  The worst I had experienced was listening to my daughter complain that if the government is not working then she shouldn't have to go to school and "work" either.  That was until yesterday when I came across a fairly decent free newspaper search site for my genealogy research.  I got numerous hits for the Pittsburgh Dispatch Newspaper and when I clicked on them this is what I got.

 Now I was really aggravated.  Never occurred to me this shutdown would affect my genealogy.  Then I started to realize how far reaching and damaging the shut down has become.  Not only all government websites but museums and other places are closed.  Which means the people working there are out of work until further notice.  My daughter came home from school and told me the mother of one her friends is layed off from work because of the shutdown.  Having my research disrupted is a minor annoyance compared to losing your income and benefits.  But it was an eye opener for me and made me pay more attention to the current events.  Now on to my newspaper find.

The newspaper site I found is called Elephind.  It contains papers from the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.  Many of the papers from the US I had on my list of "free newspapers".  But what is beneficial is I can now search them all at once instead of individually.  They have an advanced search to help you narrow things down.  Plus you can revise your search by years, states, and even specific papers.  Until this whole shut down thing is over you cannot access papers from the US Library of Congress but that is only a small portion of what is available on Elephind.  The website is http://www.elephind.com/ if you want to try it out for yourself.  Information found in newspapers can be priceless for genealogy especially when the site if free.

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