Jul 31, 2014

A Family Tradition Continues

 Many of us inherit or are given things from older family members.  I am fortunate to have an attic full of things from my Father's family.  But only a few of my "things" have come with stories or traditions attached.  I love to know the stories attached to my ancestor's possessions.

Many years ago my great aunt Meta gave my Father an old marble serving dish.  At least I think it is some sort of serving dish.  She told him that when she was growing up her mother kept this in the entry way of their house and it was filled with marbles.  Definitely something I would never have thought of putting in a serving dish.  I don't know why she used marbles but I think it is an unique idea.

So I have carried on the tradition.  I don't have anywhere to put it in my entryway but I have it sitting in my living room.  When my son was little someone gave him a bunch of vintage marbles which I saved (I am a pack rat like my ancestors!).  So it is filled with old marbles just like my Great Grandmother displayed it and I think of her every time I dust.  I tell my kids this story all the time so maybe it will sit filled with marbles in one of their homes some day.

Here is a picture of my Great Grandmother Meta Badenhoop Rennick--the marble lady.


  1. "Marble lady", and a very snazzy dresser!

    1. Yes she was! I have always admired her outfit in this picture, especially the hat