Jul 1, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - An Unsual Find

Thanks to the newest batch of PA Death Certificates on ancestry.com I was able to locate Joseph Jageman, one of my husband's ancestors.  It is a rare thing for both myself an husband to find ancestors with any type of marker, let alone a huge marker along with smaller individual ones.  So this was definitely a unexpected find.

He was married to Ida Hippely and is buried with her family as is three of their daughters.  We were certainly surprised by the size of the Hippely stone.  Definitely of first for his ancestors!


  1. Do Those Show Cause Of Death? I Found Death Records For Relatives On Various Sites But No Causes Of Death. 2 Great Great Aunts Both Died At The Age Of 20 But It Only Showed Birth, Death, Parents, And Place Of Buriel But No Cause Of Death.

  2. The PA death certificates on Ancestry.com (1906-1944) do show the cause of death. They have scanned the actual death certificates. If you are a PA resident you do not need an ancestry.com paid account--you can set up a free account and have access to the death certificate.